Model United Nations

English Language Conference

Defending Democracy

“Civil society is the oxygen of democracy.”

- Ban Ki-Moon, 8th Secretary General of United Nations

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Issues on the agenda

Security Council

      • The question of the right to water in the Israeli Palestinian area

Environmental Committee

      • The question of search for solutions to the threat posed by excessive and unrestricted sand extraction worldwide

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

      • The question of the environmental impact of the drug industry

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

      • The question of helping smaller agricultural entities to achieve a zero hunger initiative

Rules & Information

Delegation sizes:

      • Student officers will not be counted as part of the delegation, therefore increasing the number of people your school brings.
      • Depending on the number of students you will bring, the delegation may be subject to represent more than one country.


      • The price of the conference is 15 €/ delegate; 5 €/ chair; Free for admins
      • The conference fees do not include lunch (you will be able to buy food at the location of the conference).
      • Schools may not overcharge their students to attend the conference, unless they are providing them with lunch and/or tranportation, in which case they are subject to being asked for proof.
      • For more payment information please click here.

Registration Procedure

In order to register to LIMUN 2019, you will have to complete a set of forms. All forms must be filled out carefully and sent back by email to our executive team, except chair applications which must be filled out online. You will find all further details below.

Chair Applications

Terms & Conditions:

By applying to be a student officer at LIMUN 2019 you abide to the terms and conditions as stated below:

Art.1: All chairs will be present throughout the duration of the conference (7th and 8th of December);

Art. 2: All chairs will attend the pre-conference workshop (6th of December from 14.30 - 18.30 at the Lycée International);

Art. 3: All chairs commit to writing the research report for their committee between the time they are accepted as a chair and Sunday, November 28th.


      • Fill out the form carefully ( Which will be available soon )
      • You will have to add to the form an application letter (max. 300 words) and a recommendation letter from your Model UN director (max. 200 words).

Delegation registration

Terms & Conditions:

Art 1.: All the information put forth by either party, shared through this form, will remain confidential under the modalities of LIMUN 2019;

Art 2.: By submitting this form (LIMUN: Form #2 (English Version)), you guarantee your school’s participation in the LIMUN conference;

Art.3: The delegate modality of the conference hereby declares that:

    1. The school attending the conference will be held accountable for the fees of the number of delegates provided through that section whether they attend or not
    2. The conference will hold the number of seats asked through this modality, and give priority to delegates having signed-up
    3. All rejected chair applicants will automatically have a seat as a delegate of the conference in the committee of their choice (except the Security Council), and will have a role as backups chairs;

Art 4.: All attendees signing-up as chairs and admins will be responsible for completing various tasks that will be communicated with them ahead the conference;

Art 5.: When attending the conference, the school is not allowed to charge their attendees any more than the price of the conference unless they are providing transportation and/or paying for the lunch fees (in which case the school may be subject to prove that they are not making any profit from the attendees of this conference).

Contact information for applications:

Please adress your completed forms to the following email adress:

If your school wishes to attend LIMUN and has not completed Form I or been invited to the conference, please contact us at the same email adress.

Form # 1

Is now available

Limun 1st form pdf.pdf