LIMUN III Executive Team

The People that Make it Happen

The 2019 Executive Team:

Gabin Nathan

Deputy Secretary '18

Secretary General '19

Lycée International class of 2020

Gabin Nathan is a 12th grade 'American Section' student at the Lycée International de Saint-Germain-en-Laye. He pursued his two final years of high school following a scientific path (baccalauréat S).

He started Model United Nations a few years ago and instantly became passionate. After spending his first year making a strong impression by writing resolutions, perfecting his clause writing and public speaking skills, he was the only delegate selected to THIMUN at such a young age. Moreover, he became Sacha Delouvrier's Deputy Secretary General, before the founder gave him the reigns of the conference.

Through LIMUN (which was his first Model UN conference), G. Nathan wishes to recreate the environment in which he learned Model UN: challenging, inclusive and educational. Thus, he created this year's executive team, working hard to make this year's edition a success, and to shape next year's leaders.

Lycée International class of 2020

Jules Penot

Senior Deputy Secretary General



Thomas Perkins

Junior Deputy Secretary General

Lycée International class of 2021

Benedict Van Bussche

Head of Secretariat

Francisco Papadopulos

Head of IT & Graphic Design

Dhruv Kohli

Head of Communications

Aurelia Ca'Zorzi

Attaché Relations Françaises

Our MUN Director

Anthony Jones

A. Jones is the new director of the Lycée International de Saint-Germain-en-Laye's Model United Nations.

Despise his recent arrival his help was nevertheless vital for the continuity of this conference. We therefore are extremely grateful for his assistance and we hope that he will enjoy accompanying us in LIMUN as much as we will enjoy its organisation and execution.

Past MUN Director & Founder:

Benjamin Heckscher

Benjamin Heckscher was the Model United Nations director at the Lycée International de Saint-Germain-en-Laye for several years. Accompanying countless students to conferences, he later accompanied Sacha Delouvrier and Grace Baghdadi in the process of founding our school's very own Model UN conference: LIMUN. With his guidance, leadership and passion, he worked with our two founders to ensure the creation of a sustainable conference for years to come

We were saddened by Mr. Heckscher's departure, yet, we will remain forever grateful for the wonderful opportunities that this conference has and continues to offer.

The Founders & Past Secretary Generals :

The Founders:

Grace Baghdadi


Secretary General '17

Lycée International class of 2018

Grace Baghdadi is a third year student at Yale University's class of 2022. Coming from an international background, she has always been interested in politics and international relations, something that she hopes to pursue as a career path. She now continues Model UN at the highest level, as a delegate on the North American collegiate circuit.

Sacha Delouvrier is a first year student at McGill University's class of 2022. Growing up in a Franco-American family, he was drawn to international relations through the comparison of soft and hard power: something that he hopes to pursue in the field of diplomacy. Since his arrival at McGill, he has made the school's Model UN team and pursues it at the highest level on the North American collegiate circuit.

Sacha Delouvrier


Deputy Secretary General '17

Secretary General '18

Lycée International class of 2019

Past Secretary Generals:

Gabin Nathan

Deputy Secretary General '18

Secretary General '19