About Us

The LIMUN Philosophy

LIMUN is a conference mixing tradition and modernity on the Model United Nations circuit, wishing to bring to its participants an insightful and pleasurable experience. The delegates of the conference will live two days exposed to compromise, international relations, and diplomacy in a cross-cultural setting. All students are posed with the challenge of representing the interests of the country they are attributed at all times and compromising with the interests of others. They have the opportunity to learn how to debate, compromise and find balance in the world.

This conference will give students the opportunity to acquire geopolitical knowledge about all the problems currently facing our world. It will also teach them high-level debating and public speaking skills through parliamentary procedures, and the complex structure of an entity such as the United Nations. This primarily educational experience will help its participants develop the most important skills one may need in the everyday world, whether they are diplomats or not: listening, comprehending and debating with an open mindset in order to look at and understand every person's needs. LIMUN's small, all the while competitive environment, gives the chance to every student to partake in this formidable experience.

We wish for all students to experience the adrenaline of finding solutions to the problems of our world, debating with other delegates while receiving the experience of handling power and influence in an international entity (United Nations). Our hope is that all participants will come out with a different view of the world's political setting, and will know how much they can influence the present and future.